A luxurious residential experience Alongside a bustling urban experience In Tel-Aviv

A luxurious residential experience Alongside a bustling urban experience In Tel-Aviv

When reality generates opportunities to purchase an apartment in Tel-Aviv

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About the project

Boutique preservation project

A luxurious residential experience, in a boutique preservation building, only a few apartments, in a location nesting between Nahlat Binyamin and Herzel Streets. Maximal accessibility to all the major points in the city including: Rothchild Boulevard, Messilah Park and the Levinski Market. Only 1 kilometer from the sea, two light-rail stations nearby.

offering you easy access to everything Tel-Aviv has to offer.

The architectural and historical story of the structure

The building is located at the corner of the Shuk, Aluf Betzalot and Matalon Streets, between Nahlat Binyamin and Herzl Streets. It was designed by the architect Sharon Cheshnovsky. The building was constructed in 1934 in the international style.

The building includes several characteristics common in buildings for preservation. High ceilings, repetitiveness of several elements in the fronts: Cantilever porches, ribbon windows and showcase windows, symmetry of historical elements.

In the Shuk Street 19+21 as a texture preservation unit.

Preservation structure

An historical landmark building constructed in 1934, an extension of Shuk 21 Street, defined as a breathtaking success in the neighborhood. The preservation of the décor and the architecture provides you with a luxurious residential experience in the character filled Florentine Neighborhood.

Historical location

A small and quiet street between Nahlat Binyamin and Herzl. Marvelous location with access to the entire city – near 2 light rail stations (red line and purple line), walking distance to Rothchild boulevard, Messilah Park and the Nahlat Binyamin pedestrian mall.

High land cover

Highest land cover in Florentine, with floors higher than the norm. The highest penthouse in the neighborhood – open air passages, sunshine and a view of the sea.

An urban experience

1 kilometer from the sea and the most colorful and sportive boardwalk, near the Levinsky Market offering an authentic culinary experience, filled with art stores, near the Aliya Country Club – swimming pools, a gym, studio classes and rooms, shared workspace, dry sauna, jacuzzi and more.

Reliability and professionalism

A reliable entrepreneur to go the distance with, 4 different projects in the neighborhood, expert structure preservation. High quality construction, higher than standard finishing level.


Flexibility in the commercial terms – comfortable payment conditions and flexibility in architectural changes. Planning flexibility and changes according to your needs, utilizing joint creative thinking.

The location

Intimate residential living experience alongside urban experience bustling with culture and life

Aluf Betzalot Alley – a small alley connecting the Shuk Street to Herzl Street. The municipality project for the convenience of the residents and to create a community atmosphere. Laws, sitting corners, a delicatessen, wine and coffee bar. A special and pleasant atmosphere.

Levinsky Market – The building is only a short distance away from the Levinsky Market, a hotspot destination incorporating authentic merchant stalls, spices, and cuisine from all ethnic groups with top notch restaurants offering refined gastronomical experiences, record shops and artists gallery. A moving experience.

Shuk Aliya Country Club – the flagship project of the Tel-Aviv Municipality is opening for the broad public with an investment of around 100 million NIS and contains three roofed pools, a massive gym, a huge roof balcony, plenty of mini-studios, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a cafeteria and a shared workspace.

Messilah Park – Messilah Park is a public park in South Tel-Aviv. The part is around 1.3 kilometers long, over an area of around 6.5 acres. It includes a bicycle path, a pedestrian path, restaurants and leisure areas. In addition, it preserves historical element structures from the old railway line, such as the Shalosh Bridge.

Night life – Florentine neighborhood is a vibrant stronghold of hectic night life. A nighttime journey through the streets of the most colorful neighborhood in Tel-Aviv is not to be passed up on. Florentine is one of the most special area Tel-Aviv has to offer. A rough hewn and character filled neighborhood where the middle-class rub elbows with ever-present new building projects, old carpentry and metal-working shops, alternative bars, performance stages, galleries and lofts of photographers overlooking the narrow, magical and graffiti filled alleyways.

Rothchild Boulevard – only a short distance away from the building is the sumptuous Rothchild Boulevard, which connects you with comfortable bicycle paths to the Bimah theater, Dizengoff Center, Neve Tzedek and the city center. Maximal accessibility.

The light rail – there are several stations within walking distance from the building, the Allenby station, Eliphelet and Haaliya, in which the red line and the purple line pass. The red line connects Bat Yam, Jaffa and South Tel-Aviv to the Eastern Gush Dan, through Beni Brak to Petah Tikva, whereas the Purple line connects the Arlozorov station with the Central and Southern Tel-Aviv, and Southeastern Gush Dan up to Yahud. The light rail connects the busiest areas of Gush Dan and serves many varied populations.

The project offers:

2-3 bedroom apartments  | mini penthouses  | penthouse

Breathtaking apartments with a view to the sea

About D.Etgar

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When reality generates opportunities to purchase an apartment in Tel-Aviv

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